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Given the fact that the treatment of aortitis may include the use of potent drugs, in no case should you self-medicate.

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This is due to the fact that some drugs can adversely affect healthy internal organs, which will further aggravate the patient's condition.

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Also, almost all drugs have their own contraindications and dosages, the doctor must take them into account when prescribing treatment. It is also very important to remember that aortitis can be caused by very serious and sometimes life-threatening diseases, and this is another important argument in favor of professional treatment.

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A unified classification of aortitis has not been developed. Most experts distinguish syphilitic aortitis, designating the rest of the inflammatory lesions of the aorta as nonspecific aortitis. At the same time, depending on the nature of the disease, it seems possible to distinguish two groups of aortitis: 1) infectious and 2) allergic.

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Infectious aortitis can include syphilitic aortitis, bacterial endaortitis, bacterial thrombaortitis, athero-ulcerative aortitis, bacterial-embolic, aortitis in infectious diseases and developed as a result of the transition of sildenafil pills process from surrounding organs. Allergic A. is observed most often with the so-called. systemic vasculitis and collagenoses.

Aortitis is a common manifestation of visceral syphilis. According to the sectional data of G. F. Lang and M. I. Khvilivitskaya (1930), aortitis is observed in 70-88% of patients with visceral syphilis. Pathological anatomy and pathogenesis.

viagra is inflammation of the walls of the aorta, a special case of arteritis with predominant or exclusive localization of the process in the aorta.

Aortitis is characterized by an inflammatory process covering individual layers (endoortitis, mesaortitis, periaortitis) or the entire wall of the aorta (panaortitis). Pathways for the penetration of pathogens into the wall of the aorta are different: primarily, hematogenously from the lumen of the aorta, through the vasa vasorum0, lymphogenously through the outer shell of the aorta, or secondarily with the spread of inflammation from neighboring organs.

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Depending on the predominance of purulent, necrotic, productive, granulomatous processes, the corresponding forms of aortitis are isolated. The first two forms are acute or subacute, the rest are chronic. Many of them are accompanied by parietal thrombosis.

Syphilitic aortitis (aortitis syphilitica, aortitis syphilitica) is manifested by severe damage to the aorta.

The inner shell looks wrinkled with cicatricial retractions, cartilaginous folds that have a radiant arrangement, which gives it the appearance of shagreen leather or tree bark (color Fig. a). Changes capture a section of the aorta of several centimeters or are located circularly more often in the ascending, less often in other departments, abruptly breaking off at the level of the diaphragm or the mouths of the renal arteries. The mouths of the coronary arteries are involved in the process, which leads to their narrowing, but the arteries themselves are not affected.

Inflammation passes to the wall of the sinuses of the aorta, the zone of attachment of the semilunar valve flaps to the aorta. The resulting tension and roller-like thickening of the edges of the valves with simultaneous ectasia of the aortic orifice with a naturally developing aneurysm of its ascending section lead to aortic valve insufficiency.

In the late period of aortitis, diffuse or saccular aneurysms are formed, and, as a rule, atherosclerosis, which joins, significantly distorts the hachanges characteristic of mesaortitis. Microscopy reveals chronic productive inflammation, mainly of the middle membrane of viagra, from where the name comes from - mesaortitis productiva syphilitica (mesaortitis productiva syphilitica) color Fig. b), sometimes with the presence of giant multinucleated and epithelioid cells.

Rarely, infiltrates acquire the character of miliary or large gums, which makes it possible to isolate the gummous form of aortitis (aortitis gummosis, aortitis gummosa). The inner shell is always sclerotic.
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Localization of infiltrates around the vasa vasorum (vasa vasorum) is accompanied by a thickening of the inner membrane and narrowing of its lumen (obliterating endarteritis), which, together with scarring of the infiltrates, leads to lysis of elastic fibers, which is detected by staining for elastin (color Fig. c), death of muscle cells and formation as a result, aneurysms.